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Our History
CRIVELLER BREW TECH has a long-standing tradition in the brewing sector, which began in Ethiopia during the 1960's.  It was here that Luigi Criveller, along with Leopoldo Aversa, founded and implemented the META ABO BREWERY.  The capacity of the Meta Abo quickly grew from 80,000 HL per year to 320,000 HL per year.
The 1970's saw CRIVELLER BREW TECH move its operations to Canada in order to penetrate the North American market, which was experiencing a serious boom in the brewing industry.  The first microbreweries of modern times were born and the Crivellers were among the first to design and install complete microbrewing systems.
In 1989, NIAGARA FALLS BREWING CO., a microbrewery with a capacity of 15,000 HL per year, was born.  It was the first brewery of North America to produce "Eisbock" beer known in the industry as Ice Beer and within a short period of time would be responsible for 5% of beer consumption in North America.  The Eisbock produced by Criveller is different from other Ice Beers - it is a true dark Bock with an alcohol level of 8%, quantities are limited (only 10,000 bottles per year) and it comes in 0.75 Lt. bottles with a cork and wirehood.  Winner of numerous medals at the World Festival of Chicago, Eisbock is the only Canadian beer to be named a Four Star beer in Michael Jackson's "Pocket Guide of Beer".   Three beer labels of beer produced at Niagara Falls Brewing Co., adorn the cover of Brian Glover's "The World Encyclopedia of Beer" CRIVELLER BREW TECH means the technology of brewing, where technology is not only a bare science but it is a result of personal experience, direct project involvement, world-wide experience and constant client interaction.  CRIVELLER BREW TECH introduced itself to the European market through ECO S.R.L., who to date has already installed several brewing systems within Italy and Europe.