During the past twenty years, many changes have taken place in the history of beer in Italy.
Artisan beers, first made twenty years ago in the USA and European countries, have also gained significance Italy.
The search for healthy and natural food in response to the globalization of industrial production, has clearly influenced the beginnings and development of artisan beers.
These beers which are offered as an additive and preservative-free, non-pasteurized drink, made with selected malt and hops, are fresh, rich in vitamins and meet today’s demands for genuine products.
The possibility of creating new recipes for special and personalized beers, together with the concept of producing an “over-the-counter” beer, undoubtedly represents a powerful and winning image.
The increasing reputation of Italian artisan beer not only in Italy but also in countries such as the United States and Great Britain, is clearly a sign of the creativity and skills of our artisan brewers, as well as the considerable demand for quality which “Made in Italy” products have always satisfied with high standards, closely linked to regions and traditions.
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